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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Paid Link Foolishness

After you've had a blog for a while, people start to find you. And they leave comments. Awesome comments like:

"This book is a godsend to women everywhere. Sometimes, getting a liposuction Orange County for health reasons is a good idea, though."

"I thought dental x-ray are bad for kids, but thanks for sharing anyway. Now that I have the idea, I'll bring my son to the nearest cosmetic dentist Sydney clinic to see how healthy his teeth are."

Because a book about eating well works well with a link for liposuction, and kids obviously need cosmetic dental work. What?

If you've got a minute and would like a laugh, check out the comments on What I Learned at the Pediatric Dentist.

Spammers are eating that post up.

Now, I don't take them down because I don't particularly care. I've seen the employers that contract this kind of work out for pennies. If someone wants to make ten cents by putting a useless link in the comment section of my blog, who am I to withhold that dime from them? (Assuming the link has to stay up for them to be paid. I don't know anything about this.)

It's not like anyone is going to click on them, or that they take away from any of the content (if you can call stories about my kids and the occasional rant at a news article content) here.

I'll leave you with one of my particular favorites.

"She's been through a messy room but it never fails her to be happy. This pictures should be printed and framed on the wall.
digital cameras"

It almost makes sense. Almost.

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