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Monday, April 9, 2012

Recipe Monday - Easiest Baked Ham

Yesterday was a trainwreck, and I had a huge ham to cook, and I just did not want to. The only reason that ham got made was this recipe. It was so easy, and the ham came out great! (So great I forgot to take a finished picture...we were too busy eating!)

Easy Baked Ham: (Now, the recipe calls for a 15 lb. ham. Haha. No. I used a 5 lb. half-bone-in ham, and we'll still have leftovers for a week. I halved the recipe for the glaze, and there was just enough.)

15 lbs whole bone-in ham
1 lb brown sugar
1/2 cup yellow mustard
aluminum foil


1 In a medium size mixing bowl, mix yellow mustard and brown sugar until you have a thick"paste".
2 Take all wrappers off of ham and trim away excess fat. (I...don't know what this means.)
3 Line baking pan with Aluminum foil.

4 Place ham on foil and spread brown sugar/mustard paste on top.

5 Fold and seal foil.

6 Do not open again until ham is done.
7 Bake at 350° for 4 hours. (I did 325 because I had so much less meat)
8 Let set for about 1 hr then carve. (didn't do this.)

And that's it. Two ingredients, four hours. Amazing, melt-in-your-mouth ham.


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  1. Thinking of the things in life that a pound of brown sugar Won't make better and coming up short.

  2. That is pretty easy and sounds super delish. Thanks for sharing.



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