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Thursday, March 1, 2012

What's a Doctor?

I just want to take a moment to talk about how ridiculous Dr. Drew Pinsky is all of the time.

He's a medical doctor. Graduated in medicine in 1984. Specializes in addiction medicine.



Shut up, Dr. Drew.

First of all, your credentials don't really give you the expertise to counsel young girls about their pregnancies and marriages. So stop it.

What really gets me is that he time and time again has stated that parents of twins are more likely to get divorced than parents of singletons.

The study he's using is one based out of Massachusetts that uses information from the 1980 census to say that parents of twins are one percent more likely to divorce than parents of singletons.


Anyone that knows statistics knows that you can't even count one percent. It's part of the error margin, unless your study is inhumanly precise. Secondly, there's just not enough information to make a conclusion from one year's census. What the study says is that people who had twins as their firstborn children in the late 1970s were one percent more likely to divorce than parents of singletons in the late 1970s. What about all the other years, all the other parents? What about all the other factors that determine divorce? Like the age of the couple when they first get married for instance, since he most recently used this statistic on Teen Mom.

I'm not saying there's nothing to that study, I'm just saying don't pass it off the way you do. "You know, statistically, parents of twins are more likely to divorce than parents of singletons."

I just don't buy it.

Add that to his blowhard attitude, his I'm-everybody's-friend-as-long-as-they're-making-me-money stance, and his long career of crap, and I'm tuning out.

Before he even graduated medical school, he was on the radio as "Ask a Surgeon." He's not a surgeon.

He did ads for 1-800-GET-THIN.

He co-founded a site on the internet for teens to get advice, named after himself, of course. Ran out of funding and no longer exists. Shame.

He's a reality rock-God and for that, I don't fault him. Get it, gurl, get your money. Lord knows, I'd do the same.

But don't say stupid things. Don't say you'd frame Lindsey Lohan for drugs to get her into rehab if you were her father. That's not hyperbole. Look it up. I think you'll find it's more along the lines of assholery.

You've got plenty of credentials and plenty of great things to say. Just stop when you run out of them. Don't make bridges that aren't there, and don't pretend to be everything you are not.

A doctor who plays one on TV.

Give the triplets a kiss for me as I sit here and pray for your marriage, since God knows how many of those fall apart. Do you have a study based on numbers from 1965 you could perhaps pull out of your pocket?

Oh, and PS - Adam Carolla was the best part of Loveline.

PPS - What even is this? How are you qualified, and notice how you say nothing.

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  1. I am known, in this house, for occasionally yelling, "I will PUNCH YOU IN YOUR FACE, Dr. Drew!" at the television.



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