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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Guest Post - How to Encourage Good Behavior at Your Child’s Birthday Party

Today I am grateful to have party-planning expert Lisa here with a guest post on the ever-stressful child's party.


Your child knows the rules at your house, but the fifteen children who are coming over for his birthday party don’t. They have a whole different set of rules at their homes. Plus, when they arrive to your house for a birthday party, they’ll be ready to let loose, and sometimes that means that they’ll be ready to be mischievous. As the host of a birthday party for kids, it’s your job to make sure everyone stays safe and everything remains under control. Here are a few tips to help you do that:

1. Get them up and moving.

Plan outdoor activities that allow the kids to be active outside. Make sure the activities you plan are structured and keep the kids busy. And make sure you supervise them as they play. Letting the kids release some of their pent up energy in a controlled setting will help prevent misbehaving due to hyperactivity. If it’s raining or the kids can’t play outside for some reason, consider playing games like Twister and Red Light, Green Light.

2. Make the rules clear.

When all the party guests have arrived, sit them down, and let them know the party rules. If they know they’re not allowed to do certain things upfront, they’ll be less likely to do those things. Plus, letting the kids know that there are party rules will make them more cognizant of their behavior in general.

3. Assert yourself.

Throughout the party, don’t be afraid to assert yourself and correct the children when they do something that is unsafe or disruptive. It’s a birthday party. So, you should be nice. However, you shouldn’t be too nice. Children can tell when they can walk all over an adult, and some children aren’t afraid to take advantage of you if they perceive you to be passive.

If you stand your ground, establish rules, and keep them moving, you can expect a lot of fun and relatively few behavioral issues at your child’s next birthday party.


Author’s Bio: Lisa is a guest blogger on the subjects of parenting, child behavior, and party planning with fun stuff like Mario party supplies.

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