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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Toddler Tricks - 85: Make the Old New

Problem: With toddlers, there are only so many options you have for an easy, fun day. Sure you could go on many adventures right outside your door, or, for the more adventurous, you could even do day trips to parks, museums, the mall and the like, but by 3.5, your kids have likely been there, done that. Usually it doesn't matter. They like routine and repetition after all. But I don't like the shine coming off of our weekly park trips. I need the girls out of the house, and it's easiest for me when they're really excited about where we're going.

Solution: Come at the old venues in a different way. If you usually go right to the playland at the mall, do a scavenger hunt instead, or if you're particularly daring, try to go shopping, pushing them in one of those little novelty cars. If you're going on a walk, give them specific things to look for, plants, animals, signs, balloons, whatever you like. We went to the park yesterday, and I noticed that my kids were rather lackluster about it. So I made it a picnic. They were instantly enthused. It was going to be the best picnic ever! Lilly would carry the blanket. Dulce would carry the sandwiches. I've rarely seen them so excited, to be honest. And after we ate our picnic lunch (killing two birds, since I had to feed them lunch anyway), they ran and played for almost two hours.

There are usually many activities you can do at each of your normal locations. Your kids will love them all, and they'll be a nice break for you as well.

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