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Friday, January 20, 2012

What Insults Really Mean

"Mama, you stinky."

"I'm stinky? No, I'm not stinky. I smell good."

"No! You stinky! You stinky, huh!"

My daughter then proceeds to walk outside and hang out on our porch for twenty minutes to a half hour.

This was yesterday.

When she came back in, she finally admitted that she was just upset that Nana was gone. I wasn't really stinky at all.

You see, I'm stinky a lot.

I'm stinky when they don't have the kind of juice they want. I'm stinky when I have to work instead of take them to the park. I'm stinky when I answer a question wrong. I'm just stinky a lot.

I don't know where they picked the insult up. We do use the word stinky, when we need a shower or when the girls need a bath. It's helped us to get through to them, that, yes, people must bathe. I think the girls have extended the change they see in a showered mom or dad into any change they would like to occur. So that me coming down in different clothes with wet hair doesn't matter any more because that's not the change they're looking for. They're looking for some circumstance to change, and they haven't grasped that a shower only changes another, very specific, circumstance.

Regardless, I'm getting awfully tired of being called stinky.


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