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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Seems Legit

I just came off my third telemarketing phone call today. No, I do not want to further my college education at this point. No, I don't need my kitchen redone. No, I'm not interested in Netflix. We've got one.

I don't remember signing up for any of this, but that's the line each caller uses. "We're calling because we received your request for our services."

Oh really?

And I feel bad because it's not their fault. They're just doing their job, and I'm the jerk who gave them my information.

So, today, I've been really nice to them. "Oh, actually, I'm not interested in that at all. You see, what happened was I thought I was going to get a $500 gift card from Victoria's Secret, but that turned out to be a hoax, just to pair me up with you. Sorry to waste your time."

So, yeah, I didn't sign up for any of these services. I clicked no or skip on each sponsor page. Doesn't matter. I gave them my cell phone number. And what kind of 29-year-old woman looks at a Facebook offer like, 'oh, hey, that looks legit?'

You have 90 seconds to like us and sign in and we'll give you a $500 gift card! No, really!

I can only explain it by saying that sometimes we don't do something for so long that we forget why we don't do it. I know better. I've known better since I turned 13 or so. But I forgot. Suddenly, I found myself thinking, well, heck, maybe I never get any of these giveaways because I never sign up for any of them. Why don't I sign up? I should sign up. I'm holding myself back.

Oh, right. No. Don't be like me.


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  1. We all get reminded from time to time. You're not alone. I have a tracfone that I can't even find, but the number was good until 2013 because of the way they add to it when you put more time on it, so I give them that one. They can call til the cows come home. They won't reach me.

  2. All I can think of is this:

    Wait, that's not all I can think of. I'm also thinking that I need a nap. Ooh, nap...

  3. I have to laugh because I just fell for one of those right before Christmas - only I thought I was going to get Outback Steakhouse cards. I was thinking date night for the next year was covered. Now I keep getting all this junk in my spam mail!

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