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Friday, February 15, 2013

Annual Day in the Life - February 2013

Since I started this blog, I've done one "day in the life" a year. The first year, I recruited a bunch of my friends to do it, too. The second year I joined up with a bunch of other bloggers doing it. This year, I've been a bit busy, so I just did it by my lonesome.

Want to see my boring days? Sure you do!

When I get downstairs around 8:30 a.m., the girls are already waiting for me, yawns and all.

First task? Last night's dished. Time to take out the clean ones and put in the dirty ones.

Then I quickly post the blog I'd thankfully written the night before.

Time to get the troops dressed and drop them in front of the TV while I make breakfasts and lunches for the day!

We've got a dentist appointment at 11 a.m., so packable lunches for all!

10 a.m. is breakfast time! How did it get to be 10 already?

My husband goes off to work, and I'd better get dressed, huh?

10:45 means it's time to get in the car. Except the carseats aren't there yet. Oops. A quick install, some jackets and umbrellas and we're ready to go. I hate when it rains. Getting four year olds ready with umbrellas is tough!

Ten minutes later, we're there!

X-rays today for the first time ever.


Then our regular check up. All looks good. Especially Lilly in her shades!
Then it's time for lunch in the car on the way to preschool.

Valentine's Day at school! Should be fun.
This gives me three hours schoolwork. But first, coffee in my office. Nice life.

I'm part of a book club for BlogHer where they send you books to review. So I write up my participation first. Then I start preparing for my research paper in Mass Comm. Theory. My classmate is due to get here at 1:30 p.m. so we can work on our reference list. Don't let the excitement raise your blood pressure.

Here she is. Try asking a 22 year old to participate in your DITL for your mommy blog. LOL.

She has class at 3 p.m. so after 90 minutes of compiling, she takes off and I finish this reference list up and send it to her. Then it's time to pick up the girls! Where did my break go?
As happy as this looks, we couldn't make it to the car without breaking down, so nap time when we get home.

Which, of course, gives me time to do more incredibly spellbinding research! (Sorry to bore you guys.) This takes up the entire nap time.

The girls wake up, time for a snack of fruit (then a candy from their Valentine's bag.)

After they're done, we've got to start on our special Vday snack for daddy!
Licking the whisk is the best part.

Okay, the pudding has to set, and it's 6:30 p.m. now, so let's start on dinner. Gorgonzola meatloaf away! And of course, this mess isn't just going to clean itself, so time to tidy up.

 That's better. Also, candy corns are always in season. No judging. Meatloaf will be in the oven for a while, so time for showers. First we have to pick out our nighties. This takes forever.

Dirty / clean. Dirty / clean. You get the point of showers.

We're out of the shower just as my husband comes home with Valentine's day presents!

I like to cook the heck out of my meatloaf, so while it's finishing up, I get the side dishes together and make the whipped cream for the dessert, then put the cups together.

Okay, time to eat dinner and dessert!

And if that's not enough, we've got some chocolate!


Now, I should get them ready for bed, but I'm exhausted. So, at 9:30 p.m. we watch some Full House while I check on FB and LJ. What's up, Uncle Jesse?

Okay, enough. Bed time for real. One girl picks out her outfit for the next day while the other one brushes her teeth, then they switch.

Tuck them into bed.

Then, some more boring pictures. I edit some articles, edit a manuscript, talk to a few friends online, and read through one of my husband's novels before bed.

And that's it! Then at 1 a.m. I drag myself to bed to do it all again tomorrow. (With hopefully more cleaning.)

If you haven't had fully enough of me, here are last year's ditl, and ditl 2011! (Fewer pictures there, more baby, less computer screen.)

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