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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Day in the Life - 2015

Woke up ten minutes before my alarm went off because the puppy had to go out. He then woke the girls up 15 minutes before I would have. Because puppy.

Why are we up before 6:30 a.m.?

No, seriously. Why?

The dog is very helpful when we try to get dressed.

As the girls finish getting dressed and ready, I tackle the dishes I ignored last night and make the lunches I was supposed to make last night. You know how we do.

At least they seem to like breakfast.

We drive to school because it's too cold to walk. Also because we're late getting out the door. Again. Natalina isn't looking so hot, huh?

Off they go.

I finish getting ready. I look like this.

Coffee and some work. I'm writing an article on endometriosis this morning. The dog is helping.

Can't do that too long without a break though.

The dog needed to go out again too. Oh, wait, no he didn't. He needed to play with his red bucket.

Next up, breakfast for my husband and I.

I finished that article I was writing, so I update my own blog with a guest post, and keep tabs on where else I've been published. Today it's a literary travel magazine, so that's cool.

It's Friday, which means I have to pretend I was doing grad school work all week and turn in all this stuff I haven't looked at yet. Time to listen to lectures.

After that, I get a snack. And I eat it outside. Because I live in Florida and I can.

I try to get more readings done...

But someone needs to go out...AGAIN. So I skim.

Then I do my assignments. As if I read the readings.

Lunch. And I have no regrets, haters.

Picking up the kids.

In the line for days.

Some of us are more excited than others.

There they are!

We stop at the grocery store where there's something going on that we never figure out.

Buy some Valentine's Day goodies. Because I can't just be making homemade stuff from scratch all the time and this is fine, though.

We're having a snack, and then the doorbell rings.

But it's just some guy trying to sell us meat from his van?

Lilly really wasn't looking good during snack, so I called the pediatrician and they had one opening. Right then.

Off we go.

And it's strep. Ick and eep.

We try to go through the drive-through but the antibiotics aren't ready yet so we go in and get some sore throat necessities.

This calls for a movie once we get home.

And second lunch for me.

Because how else was I going to get through logging all my REJECTIONS.

After that rousing inspiration, I set to work on an essay I actually sold about my grad school experience versus my mother's in 1992 (she is a real hero, to be honest. I look like a lazy sack of poo compared to her, for real.)

Just kidding about that essay, though. We have a real need to play match instead. Right now.

Time for dinner and I'm not cooking tonight, so the well child and I head off to Boston Market. She's a real comedian. Into the back seat with you, missy.

Blessed dinner.

Followed by blessed wine.

Dishes. WHY.

Oh. Look who needs to go out again. It's okay. I didn't want to do those dishes.

But I did. I did do them.

Bed time for the girls. Sickie is already feeling better with the first dose of abx.

I should finish the essay I started earlier, but I am too tired. Early bedtime for me tonight. Do it again tomorrow.

I do these every year, and most times people do them with me. This year we have:

Brooke in Tijuana

Debby in Connecticut

Kristen to come

And if you wanted to see days in my previous lives, here they are lined up. Things change and they don't. You know, you know.


2013 - This one is missing some of the pictures; I don't know what happened. But there are still plenty.



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