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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Is Valentines Day the new Christmas?

I don't love Valentines Day, but I don't hate Valentines Day, but I don't really care about Valentines Day, but not in the way where I feel the need to tell people all about how much I don't care (except for right now, but I'm going somewhere with this, so just hang on.)

To me, Valentines Day is a nice little holiday on par with, say, Arbor Day. It's like a mini-holiday. I've always considered it as a cute little side-note to a normal day where if you've got kids you've got to throw down for some extra crafts and cake, and if you've got a partner, you maybe buy a rose or a card or a chocolate heart or something. Then you say Happy Valentines Day and you move on to the laundry and grocery shopping.

Apparently I am wrong.

Inside this house, it's cool. My kids are watching MegaMind while slowly eating honey toast and bugging me about starting on their V-Day candy already. We've got a cake for later and some chocolate (the good kind...because I love myself). We'll play and work and do chores, and call it a day.

But on Facebook, oh, Facebook. I swear it is like Christmas up in my computer. Everything from Galentine's Day (which I didn't even know was a thing until this year, but sounds pretty rad), to Venereal Disease jokes, to sweet memes, to funny memes, to virtual cards. It's your favorite holiday, you hate this holiday, it's a commercial holiday, etc. etc.

Here, let me physically scroll right now, and I will paste the first five statuses on my feed. (Not searching for V-day, just the first five, regardless of content).

1) Happy Valentines Day to all the lovers out there. (picture of a flower)

2) Who says Valentines Day has to be commercialized? I just love any reason to celebrate and have some fun. (picture of homemade V-Day cards)

3) True love is picking the same thing to watch on Netflix. (Oh, FB and your sponsored posts.)

4) Valentines Schmalentines.

5) An Oklahoma student surprises thousands of women with homemade valentines so no one on campus felt left out this holiday (link to news story)

So, clearly, this is a big deal. Feelings about this are a big deal. Saying something about this is a big deal. But I still don't get why. The emphasis is really confusing me.

I mean, the people we love, we obviously love every day, but, yeah, it's nice to have a day set aside where we're reminded to tell them how special they are.

But that takes two seconds, for real.

So, here's mine. Happy Valentines Day, everyone. You're great.

Now I've got some dishes to do.


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