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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Fun Ideas for your middle school graduation Sweatshirts -- S post

When it comes times for your students to graduate from middle school, it can be nice to have a small memento for them. One option that a lot of teachers choose is to give each student their own sweatshirt. This way they have something to wear, something they can remember their time at the school with, and something that will last for a long time. When putting these sweatshirts together, there are a few fun things you can do to make them even more special.

The first suggestion we have is to get the sweatshirts in the same colors as your school. Most schools have one or two main colors that represent them, so consider getting the sweatshirt in these same colors. You can either have both colors on each sweatshirt, or have two options for which color sweatshirt the student would like. Looking at these colors will instantly remind the students of your school and the time that they spent there, along with instilling a sense of school spirit in them.

Secondly, you can put a custom logo onto the sweatshirt. Instead of using the same logo that represents your school, you may want to put something that is a little newer and more exciting on it. This will make the students excited to see the sweatshirt when it finally comes out. One thing you could do is hold a contest among the students to design the new logo, then pick the one that gets the most votes. This will allow the students to feel more involved in the process. If you want to create your own custom logos, there are plenty of sites on the web that can help you out.

Our third option is to list all of the student’s names on the back of the sweatshirt. Having each member of the graduating class on the back of the sweatshirt will help the students remember who they went to school with when they look back on it. It also creates a sense of community, having everyone's name listed under the same heading. You can either list the students name alphabetically, or by “homeroom” if you desire. Just be sure that each student's name is spelled correctly before you place your order, and that no one is missing!

Fourth, along these same lines, is to put each individual student's name on the back of the sweatshirt. Almost like an athletic jersey, this will allow the students' sweatshirts to be unique to them, while still keeping them among the group. You could also ask each student to pick their own name that goes on the back, allowing them to put on a nickname if they desire. This will make them laugh as the years go by and they see the sweatshirt with the name they picked on the back of it.

There are a lot of things you can do to make your school's sweatshirts unique. If you need some other ideas, we recommend asking some other teachers who have done it. The key thing to remember is to try and keep it geared towards the students, and towards your school. This is a memento to help them remember the time spent at the school, along with the people they spent it with. You can easily do this with a sweatshirt if you just be a little creative. In the end you'll have a great souvenir for all of the students, something for them to take with them as they leave your school for the last time. 


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