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Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Daily Rundown of a "Stay at Home Mom"

"Men are changing minds, and women are changing diapers."


You, MacKay, are a turd. Time for a change.

The people over at Huffington Post wanted us to detail our mornings, and then contrast that to our husband's. That, I can do. I no longer change diapers (thank God), but I do some pretty important things.

7:30 - Wake up
7:45 - Coffee
8:00 - Clean all the dishes from last night and tidy the kitchen
8:20 - Make the kids breakfast
8:30 - Answer emails, write a blog post and post it
9:30 - Make my husband and myself breakfast, make my husband's lunch
10:00 - Kiss my husband goodbye, eat my breakfast
10:01 - Breakfast interrupted to oversee children making their beds and getting dressed.
10:08 - Breakfast interrupted to break up a fight between them
10:10 - Tell one of the kids to stop looking at the other one.
10:12 - Tell the other kid to ignore the first kid. (this goes on forever, but you get the point. Back to me.)
10:30 - Edit a few chapters of a book for a client
11:30 - Send out article submissions, pitches and other follow ups
12:00 - Make girls lunch
12:15 - Clean something (bathroom, fish tank, toy room, you pick. But something.)

And this is only because my kids are five now. And I do, seriously, get interrupted every three minutes when I'm not playing with them. Every. Three. Minutes. So, it's hard to get much done at all. But we prevail. Though, I'm sure I'll never change the world.

Oh wait. Yes, I will. Just wait. You'll see.

My husband's schedule:

8:00 - Wake up
8:10 - Make tea for himself
8:15 - Write, alone, in his office with the door shut (sometimes in the bathroom with the fan on, because we make a lot of noise around here, and he needs quiet to write).
9:30 - Get ready for work and eat breakfast
10:00 - Leave for work
10:15 - Work (copy editing newspaper articles for the New York Times International Weeklies).

Given this, I think it is safe to say that we both play important roles, not one role more important than the other. We're both making an impact on the world. While his may be more immediate, my contribution will someday see its light.

What we don't need is some blowhard coming along and trying to puff up one kind of work while putting down another. I mean, somebody had to have raised Peter MacKay. I'm just glad it wasn't me.


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