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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Preschool Pointers - 34: Be Sneaky


Something simple needs to change. For instance, it's a month past Easter and time to get rid of the messy, grass-filled basket. But how dare you? How very dare you? The Easter baskets must stay forever! In fact, your kids aren't even going to eat the last of their candy. They're preserving it. Forever. This is just an example. This can happen with any object at any time. Simple things. You need to slice an apple, or use the last of the grapes, or move the chairs. Change, omg, stop it!


Be sneaky. It's actually a much bigger deal as they watch you do it than it will ever be again. After they're asleep or while they're distracted with something, clear it up quick, then go about your business. Instead of the flailing, end-of-the-world, how-could-yous, you'll get a question about the baskets (or whatever it is), maybe some lip quivering and a teardrop for show, and then they'll drop it.

They don't even know how not important it is until it's no longer there. Seriously.


1 comment:

  1. Every now and again, when nobody is looking, I go thru and throw away all the little crappy toys on the floor. Polly Pocket shoes, army guys, blocks. Not often, but it feels incredibly liberating, and my kids have never noticed. Highly recommend it.



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