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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Like Humans Do

At three and a half, my kids are experimenting with the frivolities of human life. They are moving beyond a grasp of vocabulary and simple sentence structure. They've got subject, verb, object. Now that they can order me around, ask multiple questions and argue like enraged banshees, they've decided to expand their repertoire in an attempt, I can only assume, to be more charming. I welcome this.

Small Talk:

"It's a nice day out there, Daddy."
"Hey, mommy, how is your day?"


"Mommy, you have pretty hair. ... and a pretty necklace. ... and pretty eyes."
"Daddy, you smell nice. ... you've got pretty hair."


"Mommy, I don't need to go to the doctor anymore. My butt doesn't hurt now."
"Okay, will you keep going potty?"
"Well...I'll keep brushing my teeth."

Haha, oh, okay.

Still, about seventy-five percent of what comes out of their mouths includes the phrases "I want" or "I need."

A startling look into human nature. I'm pretty sure 75 percent of what most people think is "I want" and "I need" though they don't verbalize it as much as they get older, nor do they actually expect to get most of it.

Now that I can hear my own thoughts echoed back to me, I can strive to bring my percentage down to 50 percent. I can try to make room for thoughts more important than desires.

Yeah, good luck, huh?

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