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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Let's Go Fly a Kite

My girls have been sick for quite a while. Some awful gastrointestinal thing. I think (let's hope), it's merely lingering today and they're in recovery.

Yesterday, they'd been kept inside for three days. Hardly eating, lazing around, just generally feeling awful. Over the weekend, Dulce told me for the first time in her life, "I didn't have fun today, Mommy." Ouch. But what can you do?

Enter my brother. Poor guy is visiting us for the first time since we've moved down here. And we can't take him anywhere or do anything with him. And out of nowhere, it's suddenly freezing in Florida.

But who lets a stomach bug and bad weather get them down? Not these kids. We decided to fly kites.

 But there was no wind.

This was unacceptable, of course. But we were pawns of the weather. Can't you fix it, Tommy?

No, not really.

At least we got out of the house.

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