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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Guest Post - Crayon Crafts for the Win

My good friend, amazing artist and even better photographer has graciously given me an any-time craft good for kids of all ages (so long as you're right there, helping!) She's so creative! Her blog has so many more crafts and beautiful photos, definitely go check it out!


Hi, my name is Alex and I'm the mom of two little (and active!) boys ages 3 and 6. You can follow our adventures on my blog, Alex Nguyen Portraits. Here is a fun and simple craft to do that's good for toddlers and elementary school kids with just a little adult supervision. It also helps use up the broken crayon bits you have laying around. It will create beautiful stain art like art projects.

What You Need:

  • wax paper
  • crayons
  • (cheese) grater
  • iron
  • towel
  • scrap/construction paper (optional)

    I use a cheese grater (use hot water to clean off the wax), and get small shavings of the crayons

    your grater will look like this afterwards

    You want two pieces of wax paper. Put down the towel, then put down one piece of wax paper. Sprinkle some shavings on top. Keep the shavings to a thin layer, otherwise it won't melt easily

    then, put the second piece of wax paper on top of it.

    Put a towel on your wax paper/crayon shavings sandwich and then iron. Put the iron on low and let bigger kids iron it themselves! check it every so often (I had the kids count to 30)

    This is what the melted crayon will look like:

    After that, let your kid's imagination roam free! We did hearts for Valentines Day.

    First, we cut out hearts from craft paper

    Then, we glued on the crayon melted wax

    and voila, pretty stain glass like heart!

    There are tons of other things to do depending on what colors you use.

    We used orange, red and yellow shavings here:

    To make suns:

    And autumn leaves


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