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Thursday, January 15, 2015

The annoyance of dance

Trying to sign your kids up for ballet is the nightmare that doesn't end.

First of all, never do it mid-January because nothing is open for registration / everything that would have been open is full.

Secondly, hardly any of them list the pricing, which is super important to me, actually. I want my kids to dance, yes, but I also don't have limitless funds.

Third, it's really hard to buy ballet gear. I'm going to have to try Sports Authority, I guess, since Walmart, Target and Kmart had nothing.

Fourth, I know it's super expensive, and for all that money (however much it is) you only get an hour a week. I'd like two, please. Two days of class a week would be nice. My kids aren't going to remember between sessions, you know?

Fifth, what is with "dance homework"? --Listen to 20 minutes of your favorite classical music every day. Do ten push ups and sit ups for strength. Etc. I'm just not that dedicated to my children's advancement in the arts, to be honest. I'm a horrible parent and would rather have them doing dishes for me and such.

That's all for today. Just needed to complain about dance.



  1. I can't even imagine where one would find ballet equipment. Best of luck to you!

  2. Payless Shoes typically carries kids dance shoes ( ballet and tap)

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