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Friday, January 2, 2015

Family adventure travel: where to go?

A family vacation can require a lot of research and planning in order for it to go smoothly. There are just so many choices to make and countless locations to choose from. If you want to add some excitement to your next family location, consider embarking on not just a vacation, but a true adventure. Here are just a few trip ideas for you and your family.

Grand Canyon

They say that everyone should see the Grand Canyon at least once in their lifetime. Go see it with your family and enjoy a guided white water trip through the canyon. Traverse the glass Grand Canyon Skywalk for a view of the canyon that will always be remembered.

Don't think that your adventure has to be all about roughing it though. Guided hikes make sure that your camping experience is comfortable and enjoyable.

San Juan Islands

You and your family will be sure to never forget the breathtaking beauty of the San Juan Islands located in the Puget Sound of Washington State. Plan a day of guided kayaking for the best views and experience. Whale watching tours are another fun way to see some seriously cool wildlife.

Ozark Mountains

The Ozarks have a lot to offer families. There are a lot of opportunities for camping and hiking in these beautiful mountains. This can be a simple, inexpensive and enjoyable adventure. The Lake of the Ozarks boasts the title of the largest man-made lake in the Midwest, with 1,100 miles of shoreline. Here, your family can enjoy fishing, boating, water skiing, and more. For the daring, try out para sailing on the lake. If water is not your thing, try caving in Missouri, the state that has nearly 5,000 caves. Your whole family will feel like they are explorers of yore when roaming the subterranean tunnels. Check out the YouTube videos from Outdoor Traveler to find out more.

Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains have many amazing sites and abundant wildlife that are sure to stir up a sense of adventure for the whole family. The Rocky Mountain National Park offers a junior park ranger program throughout the summer. Take in some of the scenery with a myriad of family-friendly trails where you can observe wildlife, have a picnic, and more. Later on you can catch a movie in town, play miniature golf, or enjoy a seasonal festival. Rafting and guided camping trips are also available to help you get the most out of your trip.

Come together for an adventure today

Bring your family closer together by sharing an unforgettable experience while creating lasting memories.


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