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Monday, January 5, 2015

Safe, Stylish, Strong and Sleepy: The 4 S's That Form Your Nursery's Blinds -- S Post

There has been plenty of attention focused on children and blinds over the years and unfortunately, a lot of it has occurred for tragic reasons. Safety has rightfully been a major talking point but if you are in the midst of putting together your child's nursery, there are other issues to satisfy as well.

Naturally, safety is the number one priority. It's something that forms part of our four S's and something that parents should keep in mind if they are putting together a new room for their little one. Here, we'll take a look at our essential S's in more detail.


It's the undisputed priority and for most parents, investing in a set of cordless blinds will be the only solution following some of the news stories that have occurred over the years. There have been a horrific number of deaths to children because of the strangulation risks that cords present and this has forced the majority of manufacturers into releasing cordless versions which eliminate such problems.

If, for whatever reason you are unable to opt for such a set, there are workarounds. Ensuring that the cords are kept out of sight, usually though a cord cleat, is the number one step you can take. You can also remove nearby furniture and generally make the window area as inaccessible as possible. However, if you can, always try and find a style which arrives in cordless form – it’s just so much safer.


Little needs to be said about this next part – and we’ll leave the decisions on which bright color to use right down to you. Suffice to say, there’s a big chance that these blinds are going to remain installed for years, so choose something that will at least keep your little one stimulated for most of that period. There are countless roller blinds which have cartoons and all sorts of other decorations on, while some parents might just want to liven a room up through bright colors. This is one of the few occasions where practicality can go out of the window, and you can let your creativity run wild.


As we pointed out previously, there’s a very good chance that these blinds are going to last for years on end. As such, you should also look to purchase something that is going to stay intact. Unfortunately, this is where things get a little tricky as while aluminum, wood and faux wood are regarded as being some of the most durable materials, it can be hard for these to satisfy some other elements. Finding a cartoon-themed style in any of the above materials is difficult, as is finding one that has light-blocking qualities (more on that later).

Therefore, when it comes to durability and strength, you need to weigh up just how accessible your windows are to your children. If they are going to be subjected to a lot of sticky fingers, it might be advisable to go with one of the above options. If not, a fabric based blind might be more appropriate which can block out natural light, as we’ll come onto next…


This isn’t perhaps the best word to use to describe our final consideration, but it at least falls within the four-S philosophy! When we say you need to look for “sleepy” blinds, we’re really referring to those types that will add hours onto your little one’s naps. As any new parent will tell you, this is vital for your own health – if nothing else.

Blackout blinds are always the choice here. They do everything the name says and create complete blackout. It encourages longer sleeps and when it comes to crunch time, the fabric-based blackout blind might just be more worthwhile than that aluminum or faux wood blind which is a little easier to maintain.

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