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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Secret Ingredient to All Pot Roasts -- Campbell's Soup

Look, I know I'm known for my kitchen fails, but one thing I never mess up is pot roasts. Know why? Because you can't mess them up. They're amazing.

In fact, the closest I've ever come to messing up a pot roast was when it came out too thin and bland, and I was like, why? I used the onion dip mix (secret ingredient one). I put in all the veggies with the salt and pepper, and powders. But the sauce was thin and oily, and the taste was lackluster.

I'd forgotten secret ingredient number two, an ingredient that not all that many people include, but that everybody should.

Campbell's Cream of ______ soup. Why the blank? It's part of the secret. You can actually make the roasts taste different depending on which soup you use. Cream of Mushroom is my family's favorite, but I'll often switch it up with Cream of Onion, Cream of Celery or Cream of Asparagus.

The thickness of the cooking soup absorbs the fat, making the juice a thick, gravy-like consistency that you can put on rice or mashed potatoes if you serve the roast with a side. It also keeps the meat tender. I just slop it right on top, and don't mix it in for the first few hours of cooking, to keep the meat cooking consistently all the way through. (I have no idea if this is scientific. I'm only going through taste tests, here.)

Anyway, to make these roasts, start in the morning.

You'll need:

Roast (pork or beef)
onion dip mix
chicken or beef broth (or wine or juice or seltzer...I'm serious, you cannot mess up a roast.)
Cream of something soup

Chop up carrots, onions, potatoes, celery and any other vegetable you'd like. Put the potatoes in the crock pot and then the roast.

 photo IMG_0037.jpg

Cover it with salt and pepper. Then add all the vegetables around it. Another round of salt and pepper to your taste. Add about a cup of broth.

 photo IMG_0038.jpg

Put the onion mix on top, then put the Campbell's on top of that.

 photo IMG_0039.jpg

 Let it cook for four hours on low, open and stir, and let it cook for another four hours. Done. And you'll have excellent leftovers.

 photo IMG_0045.jpg

For more fantastic recipes, including dishes even the pickiest child will love, check out this great recipe site. Campbell's and The Wisest Kid in the Whole World™ has teamed up to bring busy moms everywhere quick and delicious meals everyone in the family can love!

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