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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas '12

Christmas at age four has been better than Christmas at age three, for sure! (As much as they loved the holiday last year, I remember crying by 9 a.m. (and that was me. Who knows when they started!))

Anyway, great day, great day! We started with the stockings.

The winner there was the rainbow lollipops.

Then they attacked the presents under the tree.

Their favorite toys were some $3 grabbers I got out of the Toys R Us bin. Obviously.

Although Natalina did a 10-minute happy dance when she opened the cotton candy maker. I'm sure I'll be just as thrilled when I actually have to make cotton candy for them.

Of course, that all fizzled into fights over who got more maple syrup on their French toast, and who the drum set actually belonged to. Nice.

I leave you with this: This is Natalina's genuine expression when told there were no more presents to open.

Dead laughing. Oh, you spoiled child. Merry Christmas!



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