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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Toddler Tricks - 99: Teaching Tools are Games

Problem: You're all bored. It's summer, and you've gone to the pool or lake everyday, then it rained for a week and you saw every movie, went to every library and store just to get out of the house, and even went to the mall playland. You're fresh out of ideas and you've got eight hours before bedtime.

Solution: Teach them stuff. I got play clocks and dry erase marker boards with the letter lines on them at Target in those dollar bins. They're amazing. If we can't get outside, or we've played all the games, we break out the learning tools. These are just as good, if not better, than games for the girls. They love practicing writing, and the activity can keep them engaged and involved for more than an hour. I'll show them how to draw and "A" and they'll each take a turn practicing, drawing "A"s in a line after mine. They'll be quietly amused and so proud of themselves, too. And, honestly, it's amazing to see your children start to write. This can start any age, really. My kids and I have been playing with / learning with the clocks from about that age. They still can't tell all the times, but they've got the hours and half hours down. Geography is great and easy, too. Buy a map, spread it out, point to stuff. Done, done, done. It's better than playing Barbies (in my opinion) for sure.

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  1. Anything is better than playing Barbies, in my humble opinion. Baby dolls and how to care for kids and people is one thing-Barbie and her :stuff: is another. Thank you for teaching instead. I love that. (I do it too.)



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