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Friday, July 27, 2012

An Overheard Conversation

A few weeks ago, my husband and I went out to dinner. I wished I was a twittering mom because the conversation behind us was one for the ages. I don't even remember right anymore, which is a shame. Warning you right now that there is no purpose to this post other than my own eavesdropping (in my defense, the young woman was shouting for much of this) ticked me off.

The young lady behind me was apparently trying desperately to impress the young man she was out with. She started in on her sister, whose son, she said, had autism and ADHD. But then she didn't say that. Then she said, actually, he didn't have autism or ADHD. Actually her sister gave him soda and was a bad parent because of that.

Or, you know, he has autism and ADHD and you just want to complain about a parent giving a kid soda and make blanket statements about how "all parents make up problems for their kids so they don't have to parent right. They just have to give them pills."

Then she blamed all of her life problems on her own mother, saying the mother "was too strict" and "didn't understand her" and that she "hated her."

That the woman made it too hard to go out and get drugs--primarily pills.

And I just took both bits of information that had been presented one after the other and, do people even listen to themselves speak anymore?

Then I stopped listening myself. I had better things to do with my night off that listen to a 22-year-old woman talk in a hateful manner about just about everything.


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