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Friday, May 25, 2012

Review - Sweet As Me Dolls from Little Mommy

When we arrived home from vacation, you can imagine my girls' joy when they saw a surprise waiting for them. There's nothing they like better than presents. Ice cream rates a close second.

We tore into it a few days later (I'm that mean mommy that makes them wait until it's a good time for me), and they've been  playing with their Little Mommy Sweet As Me dolls since.

The best thing about these dolls for the girls is that the toys represent girls their own age, who do the things they are interested in doing. Now, instead of being someone's mommy, they're someone's playmate!

They also came with a change of clothes and each girl has been "going to a party," "stomping in rain puddles," and "going to ballet" several times in the past few days. While I still have to help them change the clothes, I make them watch me closely each time and explain what I'm doing, which order the steps go in.

"First you tear open the velcro, then you find her arms and slip them through, then you pull the dress off gently down her legs."

I have high hopes they'll be dressing and undressing the dolls themselves very soon.

We've had very few problems with the dolls, and most of them stem from the fact that I have twins. For instance, one has curly dark hair, like them. The other has straight blond hair (thankfully, like mommy). That could have been a thing. I've also had to hide the purple headband, the tiara and the ballet purse. Why? Because there is only one of each, and they were so coveted that my kids were considering turning to violence to get them away from the other. We'll throw them back into the ring slowly and see how it goes.

The only problem I have is with the ballet outfit. That's a mommy outfit. There is no way my girls will be able to get that article of clothing on the doll without my help. It's got attached tights, so that you can't just pull the dress on through her legs, you have to carefully inch the fabric up each leg until it makes a snug fit. That's pretty difficult for a three and a half year old. Of course, that would be their favorite outfit.

 And as if we could ever run out of games to play with the dolls right here in our living room, Little Mommy has added a Facebook application with a billion cool ideas and games for you and your kids. Perfect for the "I'm bored, and I don't want to play with my old toys anymore" tantrum. Because with the new activities, which even include recipes and scrapbooking, the old toys become new again.

 We'll be enjoying these dolls probably for years to come, maybe even until the day the girls can get that ballet costume on themselves!

**While I was sent this product to review, the opinions voiced here are my own, based on our particular experience.



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