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Friday, May 11, 2012

Enter My Facebook

Your Facebook feed can say a lot about you. Who you read, what you like, what you shake your head at. Mine is particularly lively with images this morning, and I thought I'd share.

First we have this guy, courtesy of a journalism professor of mine.

 Agree with gay marriage or not, this chart is accurate.

Then we get a cute shot of Bill Murray. To warn us of the zombie apocalypse.

 You can't not smile at that, right?

A funny brotip follows.

I laughed out loud.

And of course, we have this:

Fifty percent, HOORAY! Fifty percent, EWW! Apparently we have no in between. But we already knew that about the extended breastfeeding issue.

That's followed by this:

Haha. Good one, punners.

And I'm pretty much thinking, man, why is my Facebook so awesome?

Then, of course, there's this guy.

There's always one in the crowd. I'm choosing to think it was posted facetiously, pointing out the kind of person usually seen making such connections.

Right? Right.


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