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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Toddler Tricks - 61: Chill Out

Problem: You've been invited to an event where you only know the person who has invited you. Everyone there seems nice enough, but you're anxious because it's hard to make small talk while looking after small kids who are trying to get into everything. You don't know if the people around are being quiet because they don't know you or because you are doing it wrong.

Solution: Chill out. You're fine. They're busy with their kids, too. When you have a spare second here and there, ask a question or two, smile and nod, do whatever. These people aren't going to be your new best friends unless you're really lucky and you click with someone, so don't worry about lasting impressions. If your kid does something disastrous, laugh it off, and keep on going. If the line of conversation drops uncomfortably, just strike up a different conversation later. Chances are that uncomfortable drop point wasn't because either of you are awkward, but because someone had to check on their kid or got distracted with the million other things they have to tend to. They probably didn't even notice it was awkward. Heck, they might not even remember you had spoken. It's not a slight to you. Everyone is as busy as you are. Have a good time when you go places. You're not the first thing on anyone's mind, after all, so you don't have to burn just have to be there. So, good job! You've already won.

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  1. thanks so much for participating in my sunday blog hop following you now via gfc, please follow back if you don't already.

  2. love this advice :) It's funny how everyone thinks that they're the center of every one else' universe. When, in fact, we are not :)



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