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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Their Photography Skills are Coming Along

Remember last time I posted about the girls' photography? It had just gone from blurry mess to slightly in focus mess?

They're onto framing subjects now, and I'm pretty sure half the pictures they take are better than mine.

Lilly took this one. She gave Dulce her bear as a prop.

Morning music session.

Sick of me yet? They practice on me a lot. And yeah, I should probably start doing my hair. I guess.

Yes, Dulce cut off her head a bit. But look at the candid shot. Not bad, eh?

Anyway, rechargeable batteries, folks. They're lifesavers.


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  1. Awesome! I need to let my kids do this more often.

  2. These are wonderful.

  3. Those are incredible! The one of you in green is so lovely. God you're photogenic. Can I please be you? Thx.


  4. Love the one of Natalina in the green dress. So adorable! Your kids take such great photos. :)

  5. They take better pics that I do!! Great job, girls!

    And, you look gorgeous!

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