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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Recap Meme - Best of

My friend Jo over at Poop on a Hot Tin Slide tagged me in this challenge. Good timing, I say. If you're interested in some blog highlights, here are my choices.

1. My most beautiful post: I don't really do beautiful posts, but this one is a nice memory for me. I've come up against a lot of static for being a stay at home mom, but sometimes people surprise you, and hard work is recognized for what it is. One morning, after an already very bad day, a random few strangers buoyed me up by recognizing the good, and not the bad, of being a stay at home mom.

 2. My most popular post: I wrote a piece on Heather Clouse, a woman whom I don't know and have barely read. I wrote it after seeing complaint after complaint about her judgment, advice, and less-than-satisfying writing in the realms of military wives and teen moms. I believe she's deleted all of the links I put in the piece, but here it is. Just because you can doesn't mean you should.

3. My most controversial post: Probably the post where I argue with a childless / childfree person about, well, everything. Childish.

4. My most helpful post: In a practical way? Maybe my potty training posts? Either my review of the worst potties ever and why you shouldn't buy them...or my post about actually training my kids. Quitting and failing aren't the same thing.

OH! If you're a twin mom, maybe surviving twins the early months.

5. A post whose success surprised me: The post where I brought down an inane facebook meme that said something like if you don't take care of your makeup then you love your kids THE MOST. I didn't agree.

6. A post I feel didn’t got the attention it deserved: Hmm, probably the post about the importance of identity to twins and kids in general. Not because it was super-awesome-amazing, but because it was a major revelation to me in my own life. The Identity Crisis.

 7. The post that I am most proud of:The first post I ever made. I argue with a new mom who is going around in Marie Claire telling other mothers how easy parenting is and they need to suck it up and be better parents like her and everything would be fine. Your Mileage May Vary.

Now for the tagging...

Monika at Aias dot ca
Joella at Fine and Fair
Farren Square

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  1. I will try to do this tomorrow! :)

  2. I particularly liked #3, your "Childish" entry ("Vernon may be childfree. She may be childless. She is certainly childish." ZING!) and #5, your entry on the FB meme thing. Nice ones. :)




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