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Friday, September 16, 2011

Shown Up by Three Year Olds

The girls are requiring all of my attention today, so I'll keep this short and laughable.

Remember how I killed the plant?

My toddlers have now proven their plant-tending abilities far superior to mine.

I give you, the grassmen.

Yes, it's true. What mere days ago were nylon stockings, grass seeds and cotton balls are now fully-fledged grassmen.

Beautiful, aren't they? We are very artistic around here, as you can see.

And if you are wondering why the grass is growing right out of their faces and not as hair out of the tops of their heads like it's supposed to, well, that's my fault, too.

Mommy cannot follow directions to save her life. So I told the girls their men would be growing beards instead of hair. Close enough, right?


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