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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Moment of the Week - 59: Florida Weekend

This is more than a single moment, but I snapped a few pictures last weekend that really show the girls in all their glory and go through a typical Florida weekend.

We play a lot of imaginary games. One of their recent favorites is to pretend they're toys. Then I go to the box and find them and try to play with them as if they are toys until they dissolve into laughter saying, "No! I'm Dulce! I'm Lilly!"

Also, sometimes I really do dress them identically.

That night my husband and I tried to watch a bit of the U.S. Open. Dulce's choice was Blue's Clues. She's protesting right now.

The next day we went to a nearby beach with a playground attached. Natalina played in the sand, but she made it clear that she would rather be going down the slides.

Cedar Key is great so long as you don't want to swim. The water is...not my type.

That night after dinner we took a walk out onto a pier, and we were surrounded by weather and atmosphere. On this end, we saw an amazingly red sunset. Directly opposite of this, the full moon had risen and the sky was already a nighttime hue. In between day and night, an incredible storm raged within a cloud. The lightning bolts seemed contained within the mass, and they flashed the clouds pink and purple with electricity.

It was a lovely weekend. One of many I'm so lucky to have.

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    Mindy :)

  2. Hi there just started following you I have two girls ages 6 and 1. and the big man upstairs must of thought it was funny to hand me these two i love it though they are both hooked on blues clues as well seems like thats all we watch now a days,
    your pics are beautiful!!!!! you have a beautiful family! glad u had a great weekend if u would like to follow me back u could im new to the blogging world and love making new friends ! enjoy your week!



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