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Monday, August 25, 2014

Intuition in Divorce Court: Paying Attention to the Judge - S post

If your divorce requires you to actually go to divorce court, which is what happens if you, your spouse, and your lawyers can’t seem to agree, then it’s very important that you pay close attention during the proceedings. Knowing what’s going on at all times and being visibly present is important and could potentially help you win your case and get what you want.  Here’s how.

First impressions are everything.
Although a judge is supposed to stick with the facts and not make judgments based on first impressions, it can be hard to do so. For example, if you are waiting patiently in court dressed in your very best, it will have a better effect on the judge than if you were to arrive late wearing sweats and a ripped t-shirt.

Paying attention shows how responsible you are.
Judges want to make sure they are handing out responsibilities appropriately. If you are asked by the judge to do something, and you come back the next day proving that you completed the task, it will show that you’re responsible. This can go a long way in helping you win over the judge. For example, if you and your ex are in court for child custody, proving that you are responsible will help the judge see you in a positive light and be more willing to give you custody of your children, especially if your ex is proving that he or she is not very responsible.

Paying attention shows respect.
No judge wants to be disrespected in his or her courtroom, and paying attention to the judge and following his or her orders shows respect. This can go a long way in divorce proceedings, especially if the judge believes that you and your spouse are both equally deserving of a certain asset.

Paying attention can help your case.
Listening intently to everything that happens in court is extremely important in order for you to walk out feeling accomplished. Listen to everything that your ex and his lawyer have to say, no matter the topic. If you heard something that you know is an absolute lie—and if you have a way to prove that this is a lie—it can help out your cause in court.

Paying attention can also help to speed the process along.
Divorce court is expensive, and nobody wants to be there any longer than they have to be. By paying attention to what happens in court, you can help to speed the process along. For example, if an item comes up in the divorce proceedings and you truly don’t care about it, then offer to give that item to your spouse. For example, if the ownership of an art collection your spouse had before you were married comes up, and you truly don’t want the collection, then just pass it on to your spouse.National Family Solutions reviews this on Facebook as well. The different techniques about this about politely getting your word heard.  Not only will this help to move the process along (saving you money in the long run), but it will also put you in a good light with the judge.


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