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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Guest Post - Dangerous Bugs for Dogs

Sometimes we're so busy looking out for our kids, we forget about our pets! I'm lucky enough to have a guest post on some outside dangers to dogs...bugs.


Have you ever watched your dog chase fireflies after dark? They run and hop around, just trying to catch something. Then, perhaps it occurred to you, what if those bugs were dangerous? Are they bad for your dog if eaten?

Insects have been around since the beginning of time, outliving even the dinosaurs. In all that time, they
have developed measures that allow them to defend themselves against predators. Unfortunately, this
often means they can be toxic or downright dangerous to our dogs.

Yellow jackets, wasps, and bees, oh my!

The most familiar threat is the sting. Many insects like bees and even ants carry venom as a defense
against anything that violates their territory. Be sure you keep your dog away from any nests and have
insect nests such as bees relocated if possible.

Creepy crawly spiders

Another dangerous insect is the arachnid. Spiders and scorpions often carry some of the most deadly
venom in the world. Keep areas like under the porch and storage areas cleaned to reduce the chances
your dog would wander into a hazardous place.

Caterpillars and cocoons

Here is something that many people would not consider- the danger of a bug that children used to play
with at the park. They inch along and eat leaves. But, did you know that caterpillars and similar pupa can be hosts for the toxic chemical Omphalea, which can be secreted by various caterpillar species. Don’t let your dog eat or play with these creatures.

Like a moth to a dog’s mouth?

Then there is the moth and butterfly. These dancing, fluttery creatures float around lights or flowers.
But, much like their previous state, their wings can contain harmful toxins. Various species of moth
actually host trace amounts of hydrogen cyanide on their wings. In large quantities, these insects can
cause upset stomach and vomiting.

The firefly

This childhood favorite is actually a very toxic creature. The enzyme luciferase is secreted in order to
create the light we love to see. But, that very enzyme is very toxic to your dog. These “lightning bugs”
are very intriguing and are bound to catch the attention of any pet around. Be cautious about your dog
ingesting any number of these insects. If there is toxicity, it will commonly show signs within the first
thirty minutes.

Pesticides in bugs?

In general, bugs are seen as a pest. We spray with pesticides to keep them from invading our living
spaces. Unfortunately, this does affect our pets as well. When you spray an insect, they carry those
chemicals with them. If your dog manages to munch them up faster than you can toss them out the
door, you could be poisoning your pet. Be cautious when selecting pesticides and it’s preferable to
utilize traps instead so that the poison is contained.

Bugs can be intriguing and often beautiful, but that doesn’t mean they’re a healthy part of a dog’s diet.
Sure, we dog owners may know better than to eat a bug, but our dogs may find it an irresistible, but
dangerous, treat. Keep your dog safe and beware of what they put in their mouth.

Author Bio:

Brandon Kennington is the inventor and owner of the Porch Potty – the world’s first automatic grass doglitter box. As dog owner and a busy business owner, Brandon invented the Porch Potty when he didn’twant his dog to have to wait all day to go. Porch Potty admires dog owners and also provides great tips for dog lovers on the Porch Potty Blog.



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