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Sunday, February 20, 2022

Day in the Life - 2022

Every year I do a DITL (I skipped 2018 and 2019 but I've been back on track for a couple years now). Through the years, I photograph an entire day, usually around Valentine's Day, simply because that happened to be the day that I started it all in 2011 or so. So, there is like a decade of a typical day in February to look back on. Here's this year's.

I wake up at 6:45 a.m. to get the kids ready for school and myself ready for work.

It's colder than usual this week.

I keep a log of how much water I drink a day to try to get it up to 8 glasses, though I've since learned I don't actually have to drink 8 glasses a day. That said, I continue to be chronically dehydrated no matter how much I drink, so I keep going.

Kids' breakfast.


And lunch.

Then I take the dog for a walk.

We see Ibis in our yard

And bark at neighbors.

Then I get dressed for work as the girls finish eating and getting ready.

I drive to work while already in a meeting. I'm supposed to be there at 8:30, but we have a deal while the girls are in middle school that I will be a little late because we never know if the bus is going to pick them up these days.

Welcome to my office.

Impromptu meeting with sales.

Then my production team and I make and edit a commercial for a local shoe store. That's Gator and Jon.

Jon teaches, Gator takes notes, I oversee.

My work to-do list for the day.

This is a sponsorship promo spot I'm working on called Scholar Athlete of the Year. We partnered with an attorney's office to present one high school athlete with a $5,000 scholarship to college. That's my writing on the check, lol. We did the presentation, then I produced a :30-promo about it. It airs starting Monday.

I tweak the script before final edits.

I take the first half of my lunch break to work on a story for a freelance client about the Watchman procedure, in which doctors place a device into the heart through a vein in the groin.

Then I go home for the second half of my lunch break. I love these satellites. We still use them. They're a lot more reliable than the internet, tbh.

Once home, I grab some Advil because I have a raging headache.

I set the night's menu so everyone knows what we are having for dinner.

Say hello to the dog.

Carlos is also having lunch. I start running the vacuum in a vain attempt to clean this house a little.

He works from home, so back to the office for him.

I water our dying houseplants.

Then I have to run back to work because I have a meeting, so I grab a quick bagel and take it with me.

Conference call time.

This is pretty interesting. It's one of the steps of how TV programming actually gets on your television. We program the shows and the ads through a localized system, then I go through and put in the promos for the stations: stuff like clips of shows you'll see later, local news topicals, weather, sports teasers, etc. I fill the rest of the time on the logs. I send it in, and master control goes and finds the clips, puts them together, and plays it all on air.

Then I have a corporate Teams meeting on marketing and promotion.

I use those computer glasses sometimes lol

I eat a snack. (This was also breakfast. Dry Life for life)

Then I fill out the sponsored content log. This is where our news programming gets segments sponsored for money by clients. Like when you see "tonight's sports brought to you by Subaru" or whatever. We have to mark that down meticulously so that news and commercial does not get mixed up.

That's it for my day. Got some of the stuff done. Time to go home.

I find my children already there. Natalina bought an anime poster at the book fair and she is stoked.

Dulce hangs with the dog.

Off to the gym for a Body Combat workout. Fellow instructors Jen and Kate say hi!

I teach the standing option when we do pushups and burpees because I'm lucky.

By the time it's over, it is dark out.

I say hi to my lovelies. And tell them to do their homework.

Then I get ready to make dinner.

A quick change of clothes but no time for a shower...yet.

I listen to my podcast while making the food.

Carlos reads.

Hit my move goals while chopping peppers.

I mix up the ingredients, then throw them in a casserole dish and bake for 20 minutes.

While dinner cooks, I sort some laundry.

Dinner is served!

And eaten!

After dinner, we are regaled with stories from the school day.

Then I walk the dog again.

I call my brother just to check in, while we're on the walk.

Come home, shower, fall into bed.

But just because I'm ready, doesn't mean the girls are. One last selfie for the day.

If you want to check out our DITLs through the years, they can all be found here. It's interesting to see the changes. This is the first year since I've been doing this that I have been working outside the home, for instance.


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