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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Parenting Tools for Internet Safety -- S Post

The internet is both a wonderful resource and a possible threat. Unfortunately, in world of instantaneous and readily accessible information, it is becoming increasingly important for parents to monitor their child’s internet activity.

Thankfully, there are plenty of parenting tools out there that allow parents to control how their children use the internet without impeding their curiosity and love of learning. Such tools allow you to block out certain inappropriate material while your child can still browse the internet safely and securely.

One of the easiest ways of managing accessible content is by using a content filter, which is essentially a safe web browser. You can choose which websites you deem unsafe for your child to visit, and the browser will block any violent or pornographic content. With your input, the browser can create a black list of sites that your child cannot access. If you’re unsure as to what child-safe websites are available, has put together a list of some great child-safe websites for your use.

Aside from content filters, you may also wish to monitor your child’s browsing history to see what they have been looking at – or attempting to look at. By using the parental controls provided by your internet company, or by installing a monitoring application on your child’s smartphone, you can view their history even if they delete it.

These network controls are available both on a computer and on a smartphone, allowing you to block unsavoury content at all times. Not only do such controls allow you to monitor web usage, but you can also use them to control your child’s internet usage, restrict phone calls and even prevent them from downloading unsuitable applications. All of this can help give you the peace of mind you crave while ensuring your child can enjoy the internet without risk.

Parental controls are a fantastic way of restricting your child’s access to certain applications and websites, and you can even restrict phone calls and texts from unwanted numbers in this way. Check what you can do with your network provider, and soon you’ll be on your way child-proofing the internet in your home.

The internet should be a fun learning environment where children can interact with their peers, research homework and enjoy their time online. By familiarising yourself with child-friendly websites and learning how to use parental controls, you can ensure that your child remains safe and secure online while learning to play, socialise with friends and have fun with learning resources. 


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