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Monday, June 30, 2014

Five Great Shed Makeover Ideas - S Post

The humble wooden shed has gone through loads of different incarnations over the years. However this practical backyard classic still has a lot of innings ahead before it's retired. Here are some great ways to make the most of your trusty wooden shed.

1. The gardener's haven

Remove debris, clutter and cobwebs from the corners. This will immediately lift the feng shui in the room. A good gardener's shed should be replete with shelving, hooks and plenty of room for storage. Accumulating piles of stuff means that equipment rusts and wears out and succumbs to spiders and other nasty critters. Instead treat your shed like a secret power cell for recharing your batteries, with rakes, chemicals, spades, gloves, gumboots and other assorted bric-a-brac all in its place.

2. Outdoor gym

A large shed can be repurposed as a backyard gym. This certainly beats clogging up space indoors with sweaty and unpleasant gym equipment. Transforming your shed into an outdoor gym will mean some changes. Such as installing electricity out there and perhaps some makeshift carpeting over the top of concrete slab flooring. That is if you want to install a treadmill, exercise bike or anything else powered by electricity. However to really get the most out of your outdoor gym (and rather than simply having a weights room) it is better to invest in getting electrical wiring. 

3. The guest room

Renovating an outdoor shed to become a fully-functioning bungalow will require some spending to upgrade a humble wooden structure. Services such as plumbing, new bathroom fittings, soft furnishings, electrical wiring and water-proofing the structure against the weather are the basic additions for this type of job. Although the result will mean a boost in value for your property. The newly transformed room can become a convenient accommodation space in the home for visiting guests or teenage children.

4. A home cinema

This idea is a little out of left field and is purely for the sake of pleasure and indulgence. Who wouldn't want to transform a backyard shed into a home cinema? This obviously means that electrical work is required. Along with this you will need to consider the cost of hifi equipment, sound-proofing the room, furniture and security to make sure that the goods are locked up in the evening.

5. Solar panels on the roof

Another nifty idea is to add solar panels to your shed for added eco-friendly energy use. Making your shed self-sufficient and off-grid will mean that the solar panels pay for themselves in no time at all.

Although this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to backyard shed renovations. We hope that you've found ample inspiration. 


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