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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Toddler Tricks - 48: Puddle Jumping

Problem: It's raining. You can't go outside, but if you stay inside with your energetically pent-up children, you may not make it out alive. Something's got to give.

Solution: If it's summer (like it is here) and you live in a climate where rain is warm (like I do), go outside anyway. Make sure there is no thunder or lightning, then get in your swimgear and rainboots, and splash it up. Jumping in puddles is one of the easiest toddler distractions I've found. Even better if it's still raining because it gives them a reason to don their rain hats. This can keep them busy for an hour at least, and the subsequent play in the bath uses another hour. Insta-toddler-cure. Use bathing suits to extend the fun. If a suit gets wet, it won't weigh down and be uncomfortable for the wearer.

Problem: It is thundering and lightning, or the rain is cold, or it's pouring too hard to consider going outside, but your children seem to know you're stuck inside and begin bouncing off the walls.

Solution: Make the rain part of your inside play. We sing the "rain rain go away" song and dance around for a while. We talk about the possibility of rainbows when the storm is over. We watch it from different windows to see the difference of rain on hardtop and rain on grass, rain against screen and rain against glass. Listen for rythyms in the pitter patter and make up dance routines and songs. If you incorporate the rain into your play, it becomes fun even from the inside rather than an inhibitor.

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