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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Shoe Dazzle

I love shoes. I have always loved shoes, and I feel confident that I will always love shoes.  It started when I was a little girl, staring all all the awesome heels in my mother's closet that I was never allowed to wear.  As I grew older, and eventually grew to her shoe size, I was surprised to find that I was still forbidden from her shoe stash.  At the time, I really resented it.  What a waste!  She hardly wore those shoes, anyway.
Now that I'm a mom, myself, I can almost see where she is coming from, though.  I mean, the reason she never got to wear any of those amazing shoes was me (and my siblings).  It makes no sense to wear a chic four-inch heel to gymnastics practice or a PTA meeting. And to then turn around and lend those shoes to the very person who prevented you from loving them?  It'd take a very selfless person, I think.

Anyway, once I went to college, I started my own shoe collection.  Weird emo things that were cheap and sometimes used.  I worked with the spare change I had and my slightly off sense of fashion.

As I aged, I graduated, got a job, and remained single.  Suddenly, I had money.  Suddenly, I had shoes. Glorious, glorious shoes. Ankle boots, spike heels, wedge sandals, strappy numbers, mary janes, squared toes, ballet flats.  You name it, I had it.  I could drop $120 on a pair of boots and be happy for weeks.  I knew I was wearing quality.

I wore heels everywhere, for everything.  I wore heels until my poor pregnant feet would no longer fit into them.  I wore heels on a 2-hour commute every day, in a standard.  I wore heels on location, in the mud, on a mountainside.  I wore heels.

The next part of the story, you already know. I had twins. My money dwindled as I started having to worry about adult things. My shoes grew dusty and I bought some new flip flops.  $120 on boots?  Try groceries.

So, imagine my elation when I got out to the mall during a nap time over the weekend and found there was a shoe sale.

That room is clean now, by the way, but the important thing is the shoes!  I got these four pairs plus the sparkly pair up top for about $20 a piece!  Now, they're basically crap, of course, but they'll do well for the first three or four times I wear them.  And with twin toddlers running around, I'm sure I'll only get a chance to wear them three or four times in the next few years. (Sad face).  And it's a perfect solution to my mom problem.  If by some chance, they're interested in wearing these shoes 15 years from now (assuming the shoes are still in good shape), I'll be able to lend them out without pause, knowing that they're cheaply made and could stand to get stepped or spilled on.

For now, I'll just look at them sitting in my closet and imagine scenarios in which I would wear them.  But not all is lost.  My twins have already found uses for shoes I no longer have chance to wear.

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  1. Hahahahahaha! I love the potty shoes! lol

    I have some amazing shoes in my permanent-closet-collection. I cannot bear to part with them. But I will probably never wear but one or two pair again :(

  2. I am constantly sucked in by my love of shoes, I typically get a shoe shopping spree on mothers day and then I realize that it's been so long since I jogged in 6" spikes that I can barely walk in them

  3. I love the shoes!! Shoes are so fun! And being a mom of three I feel like i never have time to buy clothes or shoes and when I do I never have a place to wear cute stuff to. I work from home in jeans and t-shirts! at least they are cute jeans and cute t-shirts! ha! Thanks for visting during UBP and i'm your newest follower!

  4. I'm SO not a shoe person, but I loved this post. I did buy two nice pairs of casual-yet-cute flats recently to try to start at least having the option of looking a little nicer when I go out. I wore one pair along with a necklace (!!!) to an important assessment for Teddy last week, and I totally felt more confident, though my feet were sore, haha.

  5. Ahh, too fun! Love the post, love the fun, new shoes, and love the shoes in the potty! I'd rather spend money on a necklace than a pair of shoes, but the idea is the same...and recently Kaia (who just turned four) has discovered some very pretty necklaces not being used in my room. When she asked to wear one I couldn't help imagining her wearing the necklace and me carefully holding onto her to make sure nothing happened to my necklace!


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