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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Toddler Tricks - 29

Ways to Trick your Baby:

Problem: Your child's lovely is on its last legs. There's nothing you can do now but sit back and count the remaining days of peace in your house before the beloved kicks the bucket for good. A new one means nothing. Your child knows who her lovey is and she will accept no other into her heart.  Truly, there can be no replacement.


Okay, so ignore the hotdog for a moment.  No one ever said I was mom of the year. The point of this picture are the blankets Dulce is holding.  Her original "Bean" is the pink one on top.  After a week of me asking her to also try the white one, she did.  Now when "Bean" finally kicks it, "Purple Bean" will have been with her for weeks, providing at least some comfort.  I didn't wait until the last minute to try to make a replacement. Introduce the strange weeks in advance so that it becomes familiar by the time you need it.

Ways Your Baby Can Trick You:

Problem: Now every time your child needs her lovey, she needs two things instead of one.  God forbid you not find both of them.

Solution: When not in active use, tie or attach the loveys together somehow.  Also, have a special lovey spot that your child knows about. If they get used to putting their loveys in one spot, they will always know where to find them, and they will assume that spot is where the loveys belong.  Think of more tossing every toy out of the box to see if the lovey is at the bottom (which it never is.)

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  1. LOL...

    Love the idea of a special spot. That is genius!

  2. My mom did something similar.
    When my blanket got old, she sewed a new back to it. I remember liking the new backing because it was softer.



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