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Friday, March 18, 2011

Kids' Fashion: Deep as Any Paper Plate

I love fashion.  I follow several fashion blogs and shake my head at the unique and cutting-edge styles on the runway and in the celebrity world.  In fact, my high school prophecy was that I would grow up to be a fashion designer.  To which I laugh out loud since I don't have much fashion sense of my own.  But my lack of vision when it comes to putting outfits together is not why my kids consistently look ridiculous.  My kids consistently look ridiculous because they're kids.

When I first became a stay at home mom, I thought, yes! Now I will dress my babies in the cute wear that is available to them!  I thought that until the first $100 spent at Target and Baby Gap.  So reason number one my children look ridiculous?  Money.  I have two 2-year-old girls to dress every day, and they go through about three outfits a day. We would have to be pulling in a lot more money in order for me to have at my disposal six cute, stylish, matching, magazine-worthy outfits a day.  Instead, I get things as I can on sale.  We rely a lot of gifts from family members, who aren't particularly fashionable themselves (my mom has gifted us several sturdy and well-made outfits...flowered shirts with striped pants in purple and green, for instance).  My cousins and aunts have been kind enough to give us their hand-me-downs.  But most of their children grew up several years ago, back when rompers and cartoon characters were in style.  Perfectly good clothing with a lot of wear left in them. My children, being two, don't really mind.

Jackets: A gift from my mother.  Possible the babies' favorite articles of clothing.  I don't get it either.

The second reason my kids look ridiculous is that they grow.  They grow like they're little weeds.  Just three months ago, they fit easily into a 2T, and they could still squeeze into 24m wear.  I bought them new 3T nighties the other day.  They were too small.  I feel like jazzy, adorable outfits would be wasted on the two times the twins get to wear them before they are too small, and I have to give them away.

Vest: Gift from their uncle. Too small in this picture. She's wearing it because she asked for it.
The third reason I don't bother dressing my children like child-stars is that they are messy.  They don't wear three outfits a day because I love to change them.  I can't justify $25 baby jeans that are just going to sit in a pile on the living room floor as the babies run around pantless all morning.  I can't bring myself to buy a $40 or even a $20 white sweater that the kids will inevitably spill grape juice on...the first time they wear it.

Infamous Pooh romper: Hand-me-down from her aunt. One of her favorite outfits.
The biggest reason my babies look silly almost all the time is that I let them help me pick out their clothes.  They are old enough now to know what they would like to wear, even if they're far from knowing whether or not it matches.  I love watching them pick out a particular article of clothing and then get excited to wear it.  Even if it's this one:

Gift from my mother in law. It was a favorite from when it was this big on her until it finally got too small.
All that being said, being a fashion lover, myself, I truly appreciate a well-dressed toddler.  I just don't have any.

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  1. The trick is finding those $25 jeans for $5. I am a pro at shopping sales and finding coupons and that really helps.
    I'll admit being able to sew helps too.

  2. I've let my children wear pajamas out of the house and halloween costumes. If someone asks me why it's because they wanted to wear it. My typical response is at least they are dressed. They both went through a naked phase (well diaper/panties on). And they both prefer to wear next to nothing now.

  3. Sales, eBay and consignment shops! I love how kids dress themselves! My 8-year old cracks me up almost everyday ... argyle tights with a floral skirt and a striped top... no matching color palettes... awesome!

    (I think you'd like the picture I am featuring today!)

  4. You should see what Elise is wearing today. Knee high blue and purple socks with kitties on them, a white skirt with multi colored hearts all over it, a blue Dora shirt, a hand me down white Polo cardigan, and a hot pink flower head band. I think her fashion sense is way cuter than anything I could pick out lol

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