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Friday, February 11, 2011

Day in the Life

Do you DITL?  Maybe you should!  DITL, or Day in the Life, is a project that documents a small slice of life in a big way.  On a given day, you take pictures - lots of pictures - of your day.  You photograph everything you think of that would be indicative of that day.  Then you post the pictures, along with a bunch of other people, and everyone gets a peek into the world of others.  Everyone knows how different or similar life was for other people in, say, mid-February, 2011.

Now that I've explained it a bit, I'd love for you to DITL with me!  It's easy and fun to do, and so many times people make lifelong friends out of it.

Here's how you do it:

1) Any time from now until February 21st, pick a day and take pictures of it.

2) Post 5 to 15 of those pictures online in order of your daily events anywhere you'd like.  You could post them to your own blog, to your Facebook, to your Photobucket or Flickr in a separate folder.  You could post them to your Livejournal or to your Circle of Moms page.  You can post it anywhere you want more traffic - just make sure the link is public.

3) Send me the link to your post.  It would be most convenient if you left it in a comment here, but if you've got other means to reach me, you can use those venues, too.

4) On February 21st, I will post a DITL, and I will post all the links I've received.  This way, people stopping by can hop from day to day to day to day, and really get a sense of life everywhere this next week, as lived by regular people.

5) Please include at least a first name and a state (or country or province if you aren't in the U.S.), so people have at least a slight idea of what they're looking at.

6) You do not have to be a parent.  I would love to see lives from every corner represented here.  I'm looking to make this as big and diverse as possible.

7) Please pass this around everywhere and anywhere you think people would be interested!  I think a lot of people will have a lot of fun, and I'm super excited!  So, tell your facebook, or your journal, or your blog readers.  Maybe someone you know or someone they know have been dying to try this,
 and you never knew it!

Don't forget to vote for Tales of an Unlikely Mother if you like it.  We're number 15, just scroll down and click on the thumbs up!  It's quick and easy to do!


  1. We're going to see the inlaws this weekend, might be fun to do a DITL tomorrow.

  2. I just tweeted this and will share it on facebook too! I might do mine tomorrow! :)

  3. I'm in. Sharing it on my facebook page. I'll probably do a work day since that really is more indicative of my life. I'm really excited about this.

    Got mine done. I had lots of fun doing it.
    I'm Irene and we live in Massachusetts

  5. Here you are! A Day In My Life!

  6. This sounds like a lot of fun...I can't wait to see everyone's! Here's my post:

    ~Carla in Houston

  7. Okay, here's mine!

  8. Here you go, ma'am :)

  9. I'm doing my ditl on Monday, I hope that's not too late!

  10. Joella, WI, 30-ish. Full-time mom and wife, part-time student and counselor.

  11. Bummer! I'm too late to join in this one, but certainly a challenge I'll keep in mind...Cool idea!

  12. Hope it's ok to do Monday. I remembered this late.



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