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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Toddler Tricks - 20

Ways to Trick Your Baby:

Problem:  You have something important to do in a timely fashion.  You'll quickly find that nothing turns normally self-entertained, quiet babies or toddlers into snivelling, whiny, needy messes than the knowledge that their mommy or daddy might actually have something to do that doesn't involve them.

Solution:  Tread softly.  Let nothing in your attitude or demeanor betray that you might have something important to do.  Try not to let your impatience show as you set them up with a toy or game or even the television.  Stay with them for an extra minute, even if it seems you don't have the time to do that.  One minute in the beginning may save you 15 throughout the process.

Ways Your Baby Tricks You:

Problem:  They've figured out that you desperately need to do something right now.  They will not allow it.  Whether it's excess hugs, sitting directly with them, playing with them or breaking up fights and tantrums, it is clear no work will be done.

Solution:  Arm yourself.  Right now, for instance, I'm using yogurt.  They don't want to eat the yogurt, so every time they come over to me to cry, scream or beg for something, I simply offer them the yogurt, saying, "We can do that after you have your yogurt."  They wander off.  They'll come back every few minutes, but each time, I offer the yogurt, and each time they give up the tantrum or other attention-stealing methods to avoid it.  Sometimes they even take a bite, knowing that we will not move from this room until the container has been eaten.  This trick moves the onus off you and your attention and puts it on something less offensive and more concrete - namely eating a food they don't quite feel like eating.


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  1. Ha! True. Toddlers are funny and no work will be done. And then they pass through it and become independent and suddenly regress as young preteens to toddler mentality again. Good Heavens I might have thought I'd be done with this by now, but niner some nights feels like a very big toddler again.

    New follower with some blogs
    and books



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