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Monday, October 27, 2014

How Music and Entertainment Connect Autistic Children With the World -- S post

Autism and autism spectrum disorders have created unique challenges for parents for years. These disorders are often misunderstood, which makes it more difficult for parents who want their children to live normal lives. It's very important for people to understand that children with autism have many talents and interests that should be embraced, especially in the process of helping them to adapt. 

Autism and autism spectrum disorders are often misunderstood. Children who have autism spectrum disorders are often thought to have behavioral issues or learning disabilities when the true problem is the fact that they need a learning experience that provides sufficient stimulation. A child who lives with autism has a great chance of living a fulfilling life if they have a learning experience that caters to their talents and abilities. 

Many youths who live with autism have trouble communicating with others in traditional ways. However, they may feel more comfortable expressing themselves through writing, composing or performing music and creating unique artwork. Many who have an autism spectrum disorder feel more comfortable with online interactions than in-person interactions.

Journaling is a good form of self-expression for those who have difficulties communicating with others. This is sometimes a good way for autistic children to work through issues that are troubling them without having to open up and talk to people. Writing also helps children to express feelings to others when they have difficulty doing so verbally. Technology is a useful tool for autistic youths who have creative hobbies. The latest technology makes it easier for kids to share their love for their hobby of choice with others. There are many online communities for people with autism to share their work.

For one example of how important technology has become for those with autism to express themselves, in Alabama, a fourth-grade boy with autism found that his iPad had been stolen. He had used his iPad to compose music, keep a journal and organize photos taken on family trips. Because of this, he was very upset when the device was stolen. This news story had a happy ending when the iPad was recovered with all of the child's important photos and other content intact.

Some autistic children who are especially dedicated to music enjoy composing their own pieces or new arrangements of old favorites. There are many programs and apps available that make it easier for musically gifted kids to share their work. Some children with autism spectrum disorders have a unique gift for mastering new songs and playing new instruments with little need for instruction.

Any child who has an autism spectrum disorder could benefit from a unique care plan tailored to his or her individual needs. Therapists who closely work with autistic children and their families understand the importance of specialized care and how it contributes to a child's positive development. Lindsey Stone is an example of a therapist who helps parents and community members see to the needs of children living with autism spectrum disorders. A more specialized approach not only helps children develop skills related to their interests and talents but also makes learning much easier.


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