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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wall Decals; An Innovative Gift for Loved Ones -- Guest Post

Yesterday, I visited my friend, Lisa, and found that she bought some lovely wall decals to decorate her son’s room for his 11th birthday.

When entering into her house, the first thing that caught my eyes were the huge flowers wall decal in her living room. They looked so awesome on the wall and seemed like real flowers. The beautiful color instantly lightened the whole room and gave more freshness and vitality. Then Lisa told me that they were wall art stickers, (click here) and that she also bought one for her son as a gift.

She showed me around her son’s room, where there was a lovely growth chart wall decal. It was a giraffe whose neck serves as the height indicator. The wall decal was so cute that her son loved it as a gift! And of course, now the parents can mark the growing of their son through this lovely animal decal on the wall.

After I looked into the stickers, I found that my favorite of this kind of new interior decoration was wall quote stickers (click here). Like this one:

The quote wall art stickers can be said by the great figures, or just a saying of your grandma. You can make them to order according to your preference. I think they are really, really good gifts for families and friends.



  1. Really interesting post. Wall decals can be a great gift for your lovable ones. Wall decals are usually liked by the kids. Almost every child wants to decorate the room with colorful and attractive decals. Such decals if presented on special occasions can make their event a memorable one.

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  3. Vinyl Wall Decal Sticker Flower Vines Floral Edge Large Custom 45 x34 size. wall art like this is elegant without being too over the top and only works. flower corner wall decal

  4. One of my followers on Instagram happens to be Aida, artist hunter for She asked me to send them some of my illustrations to make vinyl wall stickers. And I did! I always wondered how my artwork would look on walls. And apparently it looks wonderful. motorbike wall stickers

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