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Friday, November 1, 2013

Best Children, Best Costumes, Best Halloween, Best

Another Halloween come and gone. From the bloggers here, we want to wish you a happy one.

Alex Nguyen and her sons "the Stein brothers." (Frankenstein and Einstein).

Teaching Ain't for Heroes' Peter Pan and Tinkerbell.

Today I Nursed -- the Captain, and his friend, as Superman and Batman.

Pollychromatic's adorable Wonderwoman and Captain America.

Jill Redding's Doc McStuffin's.

Fine and Fair's Ladybug and Banana (she's the monkey).

Elizabeth Hawksworth, tin-foil-hatting it. 

Putting the twin in Parentwin, tbh. got a great stash!

It was A Day Well Spent, over here.

A Place That Does not Exist produced a raver this Halloween!

The Answer Is Garlic, or is it Yoda?

 Inside the Mommy Van gets outside!

And Accidentally Mommy takes out a witch and Spiderman!

The Never Ending Laundry chimes in from New Zealand!

And Melanie Greeke's girls go as Princess Bubblegum and Jake from Adventure Time! Cutest.



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