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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Potato Stamps: Make an Easy Fall Banner - Contributor Post

Today, I've got an amazing craft from Samantha over at A Day Well Spent. A great way to use potatoes and a great way to spend an afternoon!


It doesn't quite feel like fall here just yet, but it is September, the kids are back in school and that is a good enough reason for me, to start fall crafting.

I have always wanted to give potato stamps a try, and I thought Ava would really enjoy them as well so we gathered the materials to make a fall leaf banner using potato stamps.

Yes, she was trying to grab the knife, you have to watch out for Ava. ;)
What you need:
a large potato
a knife
assorted leaves

To create the stamps cut in half your large potato. Trace your leaf onto the potato. Once you have traced the leaf you can go ahead and cut out around the leaf. The idea is to have the traced leaf sticking out of the potato, like so:
potato stamps!

 Next step is to paint! Once you have paint on your stamp, lay it flat on the muslin and press down hard. Carefully life straight up so you don't smudge the paint.

this is my favorite leaf, painted by Ava.

After you are done painting, you can hang up your muslin to dry. Once dry, you can then cut out the individual leaf prints and string them up. Then hang your banner up in a spot where you can admire your work for all of fall. :)

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