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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Preschool Pointers - 44: Never Think 'How Bad Can It Be?'

Before we get into this, let's just be honest, that's just good advice for all of life any time, anywhere.

But, in relation to kids (and only one way of the many it applies), here goes:


It's mid-summer, school is eons away. Eons. And your kids have lodged themselves so firmly up your butt you're pulling your hair out from the pain. It's not that you don't love them. You do. So very much. But do they have to touch you all the time? All. The. Time. Really, at this point, all you can do is muddle through. You dug this hole, made this bed. The solution would require going back in time. But you can be prepared for next year.


Do not ever, ever, think, "How bad could it be?"

Because it can be that bad. And you don't want to take the chance.

I did this for three years straight, you think. Before they went off to pre-school last year, I had them all day, every day, and I somehow managed to keep my sanity. What's ten weeks?

An eternity, that's what.

And P.S. you didn't keep your sanity. You've just forgotten. Or you were used to being nothing but a receptacle for tears, tantrums and hugs all day, every day, resigned to that life.

Don't do this to yourself, to your kids. You all deserve better.

Even with our scheduling and activities out the ears, I'm still dying over here, and they're still bored. I don't get it, but it is what it is. We do, like, three or four big things a day. Not enough. Dying.

So, don't be me. Sign your kids up for something. Anything. Dance, gymnastics, girl scouts, camp, drama, vacation bible school, I don't care. Something.

And don't do it for the first few weeks. Wait until you're really going to need it. Like now. Last week would have been a great week for some kind of camp that got them away from me for three hours a day or so. Then we could have recharged and taken these last few weeks in style.

But no. Instead, we will muddle through, trudging along, trying not to kill one another before the end of August slowly creeps upon us.

Good luck.

How bad can it be?


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