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Friday, August 23, 2013

Slice of Life - Rings

In honor of my five-year wedding anniversary last week, I asked people to post pictures of their rings (any rings!) that they were wearing right then. And the results? Amazing. Here are the rings people from all over the world were wearing on the Friday afternoon of August 16th, 2013:

Tiffany Hunter wears rings on both hands! In her first spot, she's got her gorgeous wedding ring.

Sascha Fernandez's college ring is full of history and legend.

Sandi Yu sports a gorgeous three-stoned ring.

Melissa Elfers goes traditional and beautiful.

Liz Hawksworth goes for a spellbinding stone.

Lauren Kerr's ring looks like its in the glossy pages of a magazine. Well done, Lawrence.
Two in a row from my hometown! Jolene Bauckman shows off the prettiest set.
Jen Mayer wears dice and wedding rings!
Jepeczenka Svadakovic's ring is an art deco meteorite ring. Read that again. Seriously. Coolest.

Gina Storozuk never takes hers off.

I love Emily Santanella's set. This is what I would want.

Cassandra Gill's ring is a present from her birth mother, hand crafted by her stepfather.

Never a dull moment with Anne Theriault.
Alyssa Lord, y'all. Bam.

Alex Nguyen's displays beautiful design work.
Alicia Helyer's ring is super sleek and classy.

Amanda Lewin with a kickass thumb piece.

Angie Birney - beautiful and classic.
Blair Celli with the ring her wife gave her on her wedding day. Aww.
Cheryl Russel, who's been married 15 years, now!
Alison Gayton with a wedding ring and her grandmother's ring.

Amber Ashgardens shows up because she does what I tell her to do. LOL
Angie Pugh with an absolutely stunning and unique ring.
Carrie Masters prefers a sapphire, and with good reason--it's gorg.
This is mine.  I love it,
Donnelle Belanger-Taylor with such a beautiful set.
Emma Wade with a classic.
Erin Newton with some tasteful pizzazz!
Greg Elfers, who proposed to his wife just steps away from where his dad proposed to his mom--unknowingly, too!

Janel Copeland is sleek and smooth.
Jennifer Kappert's is just perfect.

Jennifer Upton with a wowser!
Joan Harris and her husband. Breathtaking.
Joella Striebel doesn't have an engagement ring...because she proposed to him! Take that, gender norms.
Judith Hunter. BOOM.
Kylie and Jared Rogers. For lyfe.
Leanna Minch, who has to be careful those pointy edges don't get her baby!
Lisa Cuellar. I love this one.
Maryanne Luther's fits together just perfectly.
Myra Menchaca's is forever.
Moira Parker has worn this one from her boyfriend, Rob, for ten years now.

Raina Sadi rarely wears this ring...because she also has a ring tattoo!
Sarah Stanford's glorious classic cut and set.
Sarah Tormey's beautifully patterned band.
Tanya Noreen's expresses her personality perfectly!
Told you she'd be back! Tiffany Hunter wears this gorgeous mother's ring on her right hand.
Tobi Wolf with an amazing accented set.
And last, but certainly not least, Tracey Baker Birch stands out, too.

I really love these segments, guys. They are so incredibly interesting and beautiful. Thank you for sharing your hands, your rings and your stories with me.

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