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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Guest Post: How to Safely Furnish a Kid's Room

My last guest post had cute ideas for making your kids' rooms trendy, but we can't forget about safety. This week I have a guest post that tackles exactly that.


One thing is for sure when furnishing a kid’s room – no matter how limited your budget is, safety
must be put first. This is your child we’re talking about. The constructions you put in there should
be sturdy and safe. That should be your first thought when choosing a child’s room interior pieces.

For starters, you have to have in mind that kids don’t think like adults. So, when decorating your child’s room, you have to do it wisely, keeping your kid out of harm’s way by preventing possible dangerous situations that might occur.

Baby Cribs and Beds

• Don’t economize on a crib. Once your baby learns how to stand up, he/she will actively jump in there, so you should have the sturdiest crib you can find.

• If you want your crib to be with a latching mechanism, make sure it is in a place where your baby can’t reach it. Also, when your baby is in the crib, the side of it should be set on the highest position, always.

• When buying a crib, the bars of it should be put very close together. You know how the little ones love to explore the world around them, so they might try to ‘escape’. This may lead to something quite unpleasant – the baby’s head can get caught between the bars.

• As for bunk beds, it is mandatory for the top one to have safety rails on both sides and no child under seven years old should be sleeping in there. The mattress for the top bed should be below the level of the guardrails.

The Changing Table

• Safety strap and a low guardrail is the right thing for a changing table to have.

• An additional tip would be to keep clothes and diapers at hand’s reach near the changing table so that not to leave the baby unattended on there.

Stains and Paints

If you have a wood floor in the child’s room, consider this: it’s better to use urethane based on water instead of polyurethane since the former is not that flammable and is less toxic.

The latex paints that are less toxic and don’t emit so much fumes are the so-called low-VOC ones, so they would be the better choice for the kid’s room as opposed to oil-based paints.

Room Accessories

• If you plan to install some storage hooks, they have to be above or below your kid’s eye level because they are a potential eye-poking threat.

• Small decorative elements are not recommended at all for the child’s room. If you happen to have some, place them somewhere out of reach and be sure that they are safely attached and won’t fall.

A toy chest with a closing mechanism is the better option since it will prevent your child’s fingers from getting pinched.

• Sometimes you have to sacrifice your kid’s room decoration ideas for the sake of safety. Actually,
you always have to do that when it comes to child safety.


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