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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Preschool Pointers - 3: Wait


You want your child to do something, a developmental milestone you hope for them to reach. But they won't or they can't, and everyone is frustrated and it just isn't going how you'd hoped. Note: Want is the key word here. If you need your child to do something, you'll just have to barrel through.


Wait. I continually jump the gun with my kids. I think they should be ready for something, typically about four months before they actually are. When I try to engage them in said activity the first time, it is a flaming ball of fail. This happened with transitioning to sippy cups, with potty training, with talking, with playing independently, and with preschool. Last year, I tried preschool. They weren't ready, but more importantly, I wasn't ready and I ended up sabotaging the whole thing. So I took them out (we also couldn't afford it.) This year, preschool is free for FL residents. And after three days, the difference between this year and last year couldn't be more defined. They like it, they have fun, and I don't feel like a jerk. Sometimes you think you're ready when  you're not. Sometimes you think you should be ready and you make yourself feel bad. In my experience (for neurotypical kids) you just need to wait a little while.


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