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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Toddler Tricks - 42: Make Mommy Fashion Work for You

Usually I do ways to trick your baby and ways your baby tricks you...I thought I'd change it up this week and give a few tips on dressing with the "floop" as one of my friends so graciously refers to the tummy area after pregnancy.

Problem: After pregnancy, a lot of my shirts were unwearable. I previously was no stranger to showing off my belly region. All those short shirts, though, almost found their way into retirement as I stared ruefully at the saggy stretch-marked skin that replaced my formerly smooth navel.

Solution: The cheap shelf tank top has saved me. While the days of showing gratuitous skin may be over, I can still wear my shirts of yesteryear.


Problem: Well, Darlena, I hear you say, I don't wear shirts that were popular in 2003, so what can I do to feel good in my clothes without looking like I stepped out of an old fashion wanna-be magazine?

Solution: I beg your pardon! I would say. Still, I realize not everyone can rock the mismatched patterns and flip-flops look like I can. So, for you, slightly more fashionable folks, here's my trick. Dig out your maternity shirts.  Seriously. The tight top, flowing bottom is indicative of the tunic style that's still popular today, in 2011.  Paired with leggings and flats (or heels if you're feeling sassy) and no one will ever know.

Maternity shirt worn correctly.
Maternity shirt as tunic.
The great thing about this style is that it works with almost every body type. If you don't like leggings, it's just as easy to wear jeans or a skirt underneath!

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  1. For more camisole help, Target has a line called Suddenly Skinny that are camisoles in different colors that also have a slimming fabric for the mid section.



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